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Meet The Team


Mel Dunlap

I am the chief with many feathers in my cap. I do what it takes to keep all customers happy, and to keep them returning. I am in touch with the rest of the team members constantly to make sure "all is well" and to provide the team with what is needed to progress; Not only for the orders, but to keep the business growing to serve our customers better, longer and faster.

I am one of the “hands on” in finding the best woods possible, and sometimes I am allowed in the "kitchen". This is where is all happens. The dyeing and stabilizing process.

I do appreciate your patronage, and hope to hear from everyone personally - contact me anytime. I am here for not only for the big hitters, but for the individual turners needs too.


Wesley Dunlap

Wesley “Tank” Dunlap, the son of Mel and Beth, brings youth and rejuvenation to our team. Wesley is our football lineman, and is the back up to all positions in the shop. When the wood hits the fan, he steps in to help get it all done. Be careful though, his kindness and smile is contagious. Hold that line and keep those tanks filled.


Beth Dunlap

Finally, after 31 years of service to her full time corporate job, Beth finally made the decision to work with Mel at Wood Dynamics, to make it a true family owned and operated business. She believes in the team enough to give up her security, and to become the new Shop Coordinator. She brings 31 years of production experience to our business. With Beth aboard, we will now have the ability to stay on top of production better than before. Thank you for believing in us, and welcome to your new home!

We would like to give special thanks to the rest of th
e crew for their dedication and devotion to making Wood Dynamics who and what we are. Our goals and success would not be possible without your help.

Mel, Beth, Dale "Pap" Johnson (Retired), Wes

Wood Dynamics Trade Show Team

Anne-Marie, Zach, Steve, Mel, Wes, Adam, Rex

Rex, Steve, Adam, Anne-Marie, Zach, Wes, Mel

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