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All our wood is personally handpicked by the Wood Dynamics team. We strive to give the best grains, spalting and burls possible at affordable prices.

We promote all woods to be stabilized for turning, however, we do and will sell our woods unstabilized. So feel free to browse our site to see what we have to offer. If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us.

What is Stabilization?

Stabilization is a process used to impregnate materials with resins to make the materials more durable. Commonly used with wood, the resins 'stabilize' the product making it water resistant, denser and will not allow the wood to crack, twist or warp any more.

Depending on the species of wood, some woods will double their weight. More dense woods will be less, but with the new equipment we had developed, along with the new stabilization we helped develop, we achieve a higher percentage in dense woods that other stabilizers cannot.

The wood is subjected to several processes, and in the end the wood is virtually unchanged in the looks. Yes, weight gain is evident, but no harsh, hard, white crusties to sand off to see what you have.

Stabilized wood from us, does not require a finish unless desired. A sanding process up to 400 grit a buffing wheel is all you need to achieve a beautiful smooth finish.

*Wood dynamics is one of the few stabilizers that can do large or long pieces in a “deep tank” that was custom made for Luthier and Billiard industries.

*Kiln Drying services are free of charge to our customers that use our stabilizing services.

*Deep Cycle Drying is a drying service intended for Exotic, oily woods.
The charge for this is $1.00 per pound received, plus additional stabilizing services.


All prices are for retail
Wholesale accounts welcomed - call for details (717-829-3411)

Clear stabilization pricing
$11.50 per pound = based on outgoing weight

Dyed stabilization
$13.50 per pound based on outgoing weight

Double Dye stabilization
$15.50 per pound based on outgoing weight

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